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8Dio Instant Ukulele Guitar Bundle KONTAKT

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8Dio Instant Ukulele Guitar Bundle KONTAKT
8Dio Instant Ukulele Guitar Bundle KONTAKT

Welcome to 8DIO Instant Guitar Series – a studio collection of high-end deep-sampled electric instruments. This library contains both Ukulele Solo and Ukulele Guitar Strummer – allowing you to play completely realistic Ukulele guitar. The Solo and Strummer editions were recorded with the same instrument and amplifier, so they are 100% compatible and designed to be used together.
8Dio Instant Ukulele library contains both the Ukulele Solo and Ukulele Strummer – two instruments designed for each other. The Solo Ukulele contains over 2.200 samples and we recorded the Uku in great details, including hundreds of natural fret and release noises. In addition we also recorded natural strum samples, so you can play chords with natural true strum sounds. 8Dio Ukulele Solo comes with 15 core patches divided into Fingered, Thumber and Morphed categories. The fingered category was recorded with dedicated four-finger position for realistic sound for advanced playing styles (ex. arppegiations) – whereas the thumbed category has a slightly softer sound, which gives the Ukulele a somewhat softer, warmer character. The morphed category contains the Ukulele mixed with other instruments (ex. Grand Piano, Tonal Percussion and other modified instruments designed to match the character of the Ukulele.

Ukulele Strummer is the follow-up to our Ukulele Solo library. The Ukulele Strummer contains over 4.734 samples spread across 13 different chord types and 13 common rhythm types. All the chords and rhythms can seamlessly be blended using our x-legato technology. The X-legato system allows you to combine any chord and rhythm at any given time giving you an infinite amount of combinations. In addition the Ukulele Strummer is a round-robin based strum library, so even if you trigger the same chord/rhythm multiple times – you will get natural subtle variation. The Ukulele Strummer also contains chords in perfect 5th – allowing you to shape virtually any chord by combining it with our Ukulele Solo library.

The Ukulele Solo and Ukulele Strummer both contains our new CHAOS FX 3.0 system, which contains a variety of additional FX controls, including macro controls, filter, EQ, bit-crusher, distortion, new stereo delay and two separate convolution reverbs, Transform and Reverb. Transform adds experimental convolutions to your arsenal and Reverb contains a collection of superior impulses in case you want more traditional reverb. Everything comes integrated – one click away from your mastery.

Instantly Playable
The Ukulele Solo is incredibly flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use. You can literally just sit down and play it. All the main controls are available on the front of the interface. So whether you want to control the fret noises of fingers moving across strings, adjust the volume of fingers letting go of the strings, adding real-time strums to chords. It is all right there at your fingertips

Instant Presets
The Ukulele Solo comes with 15 custom presets that are instantly accessible from the built-in browser environment. The presets come in three main categories, including Fingered, Thumbed and Morphed. The fingered presets contain the most common playing style (finger) for Ukulele – where as the Thumbed category contains presets for Ukulele exclusive played with a thumb motion, which generates a notably different sound. The morphed category contains the Ukulele mixed together with different custom instruments and vintage analog synths

Instant Strumming
The Ukulele Strummer contains over 6.000 different real strums – sampled across all 12 keys with 13 different chord types and 12 different rhythm types. It sounds completely real – because it the strums were recorded individually. Our magical X-Legato features allows you to free merge any chord and rhythm at any time you want. Oh – and did we mention everything is synced to your host-tempo?

Instant Effects
The Instant Ukulele libraries also come with a gorgeous set of advanced effects systems, including Macro Controls, Advanced Arpeggiator, Filter and Step-Based Filter Sequencer, EQ, Bit-Crusher, Distortion, Trancegate, Stereo Delay and two massive convolution reverbs. The first is convolution reverb is Transform, which is for more alternative sound design exploration with a wide selection of custom impulses. The second is a more traditional convolution reverb – containing a large selection of custom impulses from some of our favorite recording environments, rooms, churches and real cathedrals.

•6.700 Samples. 4.3GB HDD (compressed from 8.7GB)
•Multi-Sampled Ukulele Solo
•Multi-Sampled Ukulele Guitar Strummer
•15 Ukulele Solo Presets
•13 Strummer Chords in 12 keys and 12 Rhythms
•Advanced Chaos FX 3.2 System


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