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21 октября 2017

Passcape Windows Password Recovery. Portable

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Passcape Windows Password Recovery. Portable

Passcape Windows Password Recovery Portable | 55.4 MB

Windows Password Recovery is a complex software application designed to help you retrieve passwords from PC user accounts. It relies on multiple modes of operation, customizable settings, reports, statistics, and handy tools. It is mainly geared toward professional users.

Key Features:
- Contemporary, easily customizable graphical user interface.
- Imports hashes from 9 other programs.
- Imports directly from SAM or ntds.dit; even if the files are locked by the system, the program still reads them.
- Imports hashes from remote computers.
- Import hashes from system shadow copies, restore points, backup and repair folders.
- Can backup\save local registry files and Active Directory database.
- Recovers some account passwords on the fly (when importing locally).
- Supports Active Directory (domain accounts).
- Supports importing from 64-bit systems.
- Exports hashes to the PWDUMP file.
- The software has 18 types of different attacks; some of them are unique, implemented upon patented technologies.
- The program supports multithreading, fully leveraging the power of modern computers.
- Dictionary attack supports text dictionaries in the ASCII, UNICODE,UTF8 and PCD formats.
- Broad choice of online dictionaries for dictionary attacks (about 2 GB)
- Some of the program's functions - e.g., word mutation - are unique. For example, the total number of mutation rules exceeds a hundred and fifty. Not any other similar application features that!
- Supports unlimited number of inspected hashes.
- Intelligent analysis of found passwords.
- High search speed on modern computers - over 100 million of passwords per second (without utilizing the power of GPU).
- Includes auxiliary tools: hash generator, password strength check, SAM/NTDS.DIT backup tool, asterisk password revealer, resetting user password directly in SAM or NTDS.DIT files, etc.
- Advanced password reports

Intuitive and professional interface
The primary panel is large and contains step-by-step guides on how to get started. You can import dump password hashes from SAM and SYSTEM registry files, along with password history hashes. It is also possible to quickly scan the PC for plain text keys as well as to retrieve the ones of the currently logged on users.

Import hashes and view their properties
What's more, you can import hashes from remote machines via LAN by establishing the remote host, share resource, user name and password, from binary files (regular or domain accounts), project or text files, or from system restore folders.

As far as hash properties are concerned, you can check out the user name, RID, LM and NT password, LM and NT hash, along with the description for each item. User account settings can be modified. You can manually check a selected hash, use a search function to locate anything from this list, as well as copy data to the Clipboard.

Pick the password recovery mode and adjust settings
Before proceeding with the password recovery, you can review the modes of attack and find out their advantages and disadvantages to make the right call. Windows Password Recovery can be asked to focus on either LM or NT hashes.

Common attacks include brute force, dictionary and mask more, smart ones are preliminary, AI, fingerprint, online or Passcape rainbow tables, advanced attacks are base-word, combined dictionary, passphrase, rainbow and hybrid, while GPU password retrieval methods are based on GPU brute-force, fingerprint, mask or dictionary force attack. There is also a batch mode available.

Each attach mode comes with its own set of configuration settings. For instance, when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, you can search for keys by indexing files, mailboxes, browser configurations and so on, as well as choose the password mutation and word indexation levels. Alternatively, you can look for password by scanning the physical sectors on the drive of your choice and select the word indexation level.

Other options and tools
The software application lets you track progress, analyze reports and monitor the CPU and RAM consumption. Windows Password Recovery integrates many types of reports to examine, such as passwords, attacks, accounts, and group information. Furthermore, the tool lets you restrict the access of other users by setting a master password, generate hash randomly based on user-defined rules, measure the strength of your PC's passwords, create rainbow and Passcape tables, as well as manage word lists.

Other tools includes a backup feature for system files, password revealers, offline password remover, LSA secrets dumper, domain cached credentials navigator, Active Directory and SAM explorers, DPAPI decoder and analyzer, along with a Windows Vault navigator.

Whats New:
- Support for new data storage format when decrypting DPAPI cloud keys. The keys are used by multiple modules of the program mainly when decrypting private data for Microsoft accounts. Namely in DPAPI decoder, Windows Vault Explorer, network credentials decoder, etc.
- Pass-o-meter dialog has been changed slightly. Now user can set a custom speed to check password strength.
- Some changes to keep up compatibility with Windows 10 when extracting plaintext passwords from memory.
- GPU bruteforce settings were not saving properly in Batch recovery.
- A bug decrypting some passwords for HomeGroupUser$ user accounts was fixed.

System Requirements:
- Windows XP * Windows Vista * Windows Vista 64 bit * Windows 7 * Windows 7 64 bit * Windows 8 * Windows 8 64 bit * Windows 2003 * Windows 2008 * Windows 10 * Windows 10 64 bit.

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