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14 января 2018

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite (x86/x64) + BootCD + Recovery Boot Medias 180114

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Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite (x86/x64) + BootCD + Recovery Boot Medias 180114

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite (x86/x64) + BootCD + Recovery Boot Medias 180114

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite (x86/x64) + BootCD + Recovery Boot Medias | 734 MB
The Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite is the ideal system and data management solution for the discriminating private user. Dependable backup and flexible recovery functions, optimization tools, everything you need for perfect partitioning, the new Paragon Recovery Environment, reliable data wiping algorithms, and much more... all of this is what makes the Hard Disk Manager 15 the perfect companion for your PC over its entire life cycle.

System & data backup
The Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite handles your backup tasks automatically ? from backing up the entire system, individual partitions or just selected files. Incremental and differential backup technologies make continuous system backups exceptionally efficient with the Paragon Hard Disk Manager. A one-time full backup of the entire computer followed by regular incremental backups keep the latest status of your PC safe at all times. The new backup containers in pVHD format speed up backups to networks (like an NAS).
Paragon Recovery Medium
If your operating system won?t boot up anymore, you can fire up your PC with the bootable Paragon recovery environment and load in an existing backup, secure important data or rectify booting errors. The new Recovery Media Builder 3.0 makes it extremely easy and flexible to create your own personal recovery environment. And thanks to the latest WinPE technology, the recovery environment is also intuitive to operate. Are your backups on a network drive? Then use the advanced options and already add your network configuration and network drive while you?re still creating the recovery medium.
Recovery & adaptation
What to do if something goes awry? With the Hard Disk Manager, you?ll always be on the safe side. Existing backups are no problem to restore thanks to integrated assistants - even on different hardware. It gives you total flexibility and can restore the entire system, specific partitions or just individual files. The Universal Image Mounter (UIM) gives you full access to your secured files at all times. Simply map a backup archive as a network drive and the files it contains will already be accessible, just like they would be with a normal hard disk.
Partitioning & optimization
Paragon?s high-performance partitioning engine handles any hard disk partitioning task and helps make optimal use of the available hard disk space. Thanks to automatic partition alignment you can always get top performance out of SSDs and hard disks with 4-K sectors and RAID volumes. Advanced mode puts precise analysis and repair tools at your fingertips, allowing you to fix booting problems or analyze hard drive status.
Seamless system migration
The new Hard Disk Manager?s advanced migration wizard makes it child?s play to move your system. If you want to take advantage of the performance a fast SSD has to offer, then you can just move your existing system to that type of storage medium. It allows you to separate user and system data from one another and distribute them among different target hard disks so you can make the most out of your space on an SSD. If you need a virtual clone of your ShiChuang system, the P2V Adjust OS Wizard helps you adapt it to conventional hypervisors (such as VMware Workstation, Oracle Virtual Box or MS Hyper-V). And if you want to test out new software, you?ll have a virtual testing system at your fingertips in the blink of an eye. Have you got a new PC or version of ShiChuang ? Why not just keep a virtual version of your previous system to fall back on if you need to?
Dependable data wiping
Your private data is yours alone, even when you?re retiring an old hard drive. But the pros are able to restore data you?ve deleted ? even if the hard drive has been physically destroyed. With the Hard Disk Manager?s wiping function, however, you can free up storage space and make sure the data?s been deleted once and for all. Just use Paragon?s efficient wiping algorithms or develop your own one. Hard Disk Manager Version 15 now gives you wiping functions for SSDs and erases SSD data safely without shortening the SSD?s service life!
- HDM15 Suite User Manual
- Paragon PEE-x32-
- Paragon PEE-x64-
- PEE-x32-
- PEE-x64-
- PEE-x32-
- PEE-x64-
- Paragon Retention Wizard
- Paragon Retention Wizard Manual

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