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13 февраля 2018

DeskArtes Sim Expert (x86/x64) 180213

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DeskArtes Sim Expert (x86/x64) 180213

DeskArtes Sim Expert (x86/x64) 180213

DeskArtes Sim Expert (x86/x64) | 103/111 Mb
Sim Expert is a dedicated tool for preparing 3D models for Simulation applications with triangle count reduction and triangle aspect ratio improvement functions. DeskArtes Expert Series STL model repair technology is fully available with Sim Expert to prepare faceted models for accurate simulation.
Reduce triangle count for faster simulation.

Sim Expert fast triangle decimation functions allow you to prepare 3D faceted files for any simulation system. Detailed user control over the reduction process enable you to get the optimal result for your simulation software while keeping the 3D model shape.
Improve triangle aspect ratio for more accurate simulation results.
Sim Expert commands can effectively remove thin triangles from the faceted data. Triangle refine, reduce and smoothing functions allow you to prepare all models, from CAD systems to scanned data, for accurate simulation.
Sim Expert is supported on Windows XP/Vista/7.
Repair faceted 3D models
Sim Expert offers effective and user friendly repair tools for triangulated models. Models from different CAD systems, with or without colors, can be effectively repaired using both automatic and manual commands for simulation.
Input various faceted models: STL, VRML, ZPR, OBJ, DXF, PLY, 3DS, Collada, FBX and proprietary 3DE Files.
Output following faceted models: STL, VRML, ZPR, DXF, PLY and 3DE Files.
Repair errors automatically: separate shells, orient normals, stitch gaps, fill holes and remove error triangles.
Manual repair with full editing capability for faceted models.
Remove triangles, surfaces or shells manually.
Re-triangulate faceted models
Sim Experts fast triangle decimation and aspect ratio improving functions allow you to prepare 3D faceted files for any simulation system effectively. Detailed user control over the reduction results guarantee the optimal simulation result. Triangle refine, reduce and smoothing functions allow you to prepare sparsely triangulated models from CAD systems to scanned data for accurate simulation or manufacturing.
Reduce triangle count for faster simulation.
Reshape triangles to improve aspect ratio.
Smooth too sparsely triangulated data for accurate 3D Printing results.
Smooth scanned data for Additive Manufacturing.
Advanced cutting functions
Medical and engineering processes may require very specific tools to cut models or to drill holes for fixtures or connectors. Cut and Hole Tools available with Sim Expert enable most delicate Boolean operations with user defined surfaces even with complex model geometries.
Cutting medical model
Cut models for medical and engineering purposes.
Define any number of cutting surfaces, scale to exact cut operation.
Drill accurate holes to models, add plugs.
Set drill hole depths easily with sliders.
Connect multi component parts into one printable part with Boolean commands.
Convert surface models into STL data
If you are running a service bureau, you may receive 3D CAD models from several sources in various formats. Optional surface formats with Sim Expert allow you to input surface files from most CAD system in their proprietary file format or standard formats. Surface models can be triangulated accurately according to user defined parameters to suite your process needs.
IGES file
Input various surface models, like IGES, VDA, Catia, Creo/ProE, Solidworks, STEP and UG.
Accurately convert your surface models to solid STL.
Automatically fill gaps, remove overlaps and fix trimming errors.
The best triangulation accuracy in the market.
Sim Expert Offers:
Sim Expert
Faster display list generation and texture handling
Improved topology generation for architectural models
Sort Model Tree for more effective model repair and data organization
Clean Surfaces to remove small surfaces and simplify model surface structure
64 bit implementation improvements to handle millions of triangles
Print and Email Images and 3D Geometry with Annotations and Measures
Input STL, VRML, ZPR, OBJ, DXF, PLY, 3DS, Collada, FBX and 3DE Files
Write STL, VRML, ZPR, PLY and 3DE Files
Model Editing
Cut, Copy and Paste 3D Data
Multiply models for manufacturing
Advanced Selection and Replace tools for Model Repair
Create and Run Macros for Effective Model Repair
Workflow and Tools Window to Access Mostly Used Repair and Manipulation commands
Intuitive Menu Structure to Support the Workflow
Help Text window to Aid in the Repair Process
Different Error Filtering Levels for Repairing Models for Simulation vs. 3D Printing
3D Viewing, Transformations and Measuring
Viewing with Colors, Textures and Clipping
Transformations to Scale, Position, Rotate, Mirror & Platform positioning
Change units for STL models
Generate professional 2D Drawings from STL data
Point value, Distances, Angle, Radius and Wall Thickness Measuring
Surface Triangulation
Conversion of IGES and other Surface models to STL with Full Control of Resolution
Available with Optional input formats: IGES, Catia, Creo/ProE, Solidworks, STEP and UG
Re-trim and Manipulate Surface data to minimize errors
Full Faceted Model Repair
STL Model Verification and Automatic Repair
Automatic Self -Intersection Removal
Advanced Error Location for Manual Repair
Triangle Mesh Editing with Triangle Delete, Add, Gap Bridging, Point addition and Area Triangulation
Normal Manipulation for Shells, Surfaces and Triangles
Model Complexity Reduction for faster visualization and memory utilization
Faceted Model Modification
Flexible Boolean Functions and Multiple Join Functions
Advanced Cut and Hole Tool for Cutting and Drilling
Hole Tool for Adding User Defined Holes and Tapered Plugs
Reduce and Refine commands for Improving Triangle Shapes for Simulation
Smooth Models for Improved Surface quality
Check Draft Angle for Mold generation
Online Help
Extensive Online Help
Tutorials and Advanced Model Manipulation Lessons
Reliable Network and Standalone Licensing System
Optional IGES / VDA-FS translator
View & Verify IGES / VDA-FS files
Conversion of IGES / VDA-FS to STL with Full Control of Resolution
Automatic Detection of Duplicate and Missing Surfaces
Trimming Surfaces with Curves and Other Surfaces
Automatic normal orientation, Output of Cleaned IGES files
File Conversion between IGES and VDA-FS Formats
Optional CATIA 4 translator
Input CATIA 4 Files
Optional CATIA 5 translator
Input CATIA 5 Files
Optional CATIA 6 translator
Input CATIA 6 Files
Optional Creo/ProE translator
Input Creo/ProE Files
Optional Solidworks translator
Input Solidworks Files
Optional STEP translator
Input STEP Files
Optional Unigraphics translator
Input Unigraphics Files

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