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13 февраля 2018

Cinesamples - Rio Grooves! KONTAKT-FANTASTiC 180213

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Cinesamples - Rio Grooves! KONTAKT-FANTASTiC 180213

Cinesamples - Rio Grooves! KONTAKT-FANTASTiC 180213

Cinesamples - Rio Grooves! KONTAKT-FANTASTiC
FANTASTiC 13 June 2016 | 1.07 GB

Rio Grooves! is Cinesamples' original Brazilian percussion library for Kontakt, produced by multi-platinum producer and composer Victor Pozas and Grammy awarded producer and composer Roberto Schilling. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro with Brazil's best musicians, Rio Grooves covers the essentials of authentic Brazilian percussion rhythms.

We are excited to introduce what we believe to be the most essential collection of Brazilian rhythms ever made, played by the finest musicians, and captured by state of the art recording and mixing. It features an unparalleled level of flexibility offered by multi-microphone perspective balancing, seamless synchronization with your music, and preset MIDI files, all presented in a straightforward interface. For the first time, producers, composers and musicians around the world can access the most versatile take on Brazilian rhythms.

The instruments available in each patch are shown in the GUI. They include ...


Rio Grooves! offers a convenient sync-to DAW functionality that conforms the rhythms to the downbeat in your DAW regardless when you begin playing within the bar. The Offset knob allows the user to change the feel by offsetting the start point in either direction.


Each instrument includes three different micrphone positions (Close, Overhead, and Room) that you can dial in and out to fit any mix.


Each patch has preset MIDI patterns assigned to keys C0 thru G0. These preset patterns serve as examples of the patch's rhythm, as well as providing an intuitive, ready to use version of the rhythm as an accompaniment or a starting point on which to build. The text window displays the name of the selected preset pattern and gives the user a MIDI file, which can be "draged and dropped" from the text window into the DAW's session.


Rio Grooves! does not require you to purchase any additional sample playback software, and is licensed to work with Native Instruments' free Kontakt Player. All you need is a sequencer like Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, LIVE, Pro Tools, or Cakewalk, and you'll be up and running.


There are 3 categories of patches:
Instrument Groove, Song Form, and Simple to Complex.

01 Escola de Samba 1 - Song Form
02 Escola de Samba 2 - Song Form
03 Escola de Samba Extras
04 Escola Maculel? - Song Form
05 Bai?o - Instrument Groove
06 Capoeira - Instrument Groove
07 Galope - Instrument Groove
08 Maculel? - Instrument Groove
09 Maracatu - Instrument Groove
10 Roda de Samba - Instrument Groove
11 Samba Funk - Instrument Groove
12 Samba Reggae - Instrument Groove
13 Telecoteco - Instrument Groove
14 Velha Guarda - Instrument Groove
15 Xote - Instrument Groove
16 Funk de Bloco 1 - Simple to Complex
17 Funk de Bloco 2 - Simple to Complex
18 Ijex? - Simple to Complex
19 Jongo - Simple to Complex
20 Macumba - Simple to Complex

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