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iMobie AnyTrans Multilingual | MacOSX 180420

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iMobie AnyTrans Multilingual | MacOSX 180420

iMobie AnyTrans Multilingual | MacOSX 180420

iMobie AnyTrans Multilingual | MacOSX | 20 MB
AnyTrans is a complete iOS content manager software. It gives both control and freedom over all iOS data and files, including music, videos, photos, messages, books, Safari history, voice memos, etc. No matter whether the content is on an iPhone, iPad, iPod or iTunes backup or even from iCloud.

Care for your music and playlists more than iTunes does
By giving you real freedom over your iOS devices - something noticeably lacking when you use iTunes, AnyTrans allows you to manage your treasured music library like a pro, e.g., creating, editing, and cloning playlists; copying and saving music artwork, play counts and rating. Moreover, without bringing up bulky and tedious iTunes sync, now you can copy music to your iPod and never mind the original songs being erased.
Enrich or rebuild your iTunes library in few minutes
In case you got a sudden hard drive crash or lost all your music on your computer, AnyTrans brings an extremely simple and ultra-fast iTunes library rebuilding solution, which guides you to transfer your music from iPhone, iPod to computer or iTunes, in just few minutes. All your collections, playlists and everything you need will be perfectly kept.
Play any media files on iPhone iPad with ease
Watching all your movies with incredible detail and color on Retina HD display now comes to life with AnyTrans. Thanks to the inbuilt media conversion facility, it gives you a peace of mind in trans-coding all incompatible videos, such as mkv, avchd, m2ts, wmv, avi, flv, etc, and making them playable upon iPhone, iPad. It's an automatic optimization on the quality that leads you to enjoy the ultimate visual experience, no matter where you are, who you with. Through the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily copy movies, music videos, TV shows and iTunes U from an iPhone, iPad to your computer, then move them to another iDevices and watch them on the go.
Transfer, Organize & enjoy your iPhone iPad photos in a beautiful way
Taking photos with iPhone feels great until your Camera Roll grows huge, which may take up space on your iPhone, slow down the iCloud backup speed, even influence your good mood. Now AnyTrans makes it a breeze to let you organize and export iPhone Camera Roll onto your computer hard drive as backup. Upon doing so, one of the most distinguish differences you'll find is the iCloud/iTunes backup speed is now greatly improved!
The feature of Photo Share in iCloud can group your photos, in a smart and more sociable way. While AnyTrans makes a big progress that lets the photos you shared, or the albums your family and friends shared with you available to download right on your computer and iTunes library.
Backup your favorite apps to computer or iTunes
iPhone colors your life with a set of inbuilt apps, but have you got a backup plan for them? Considering the significance of the personal data on your gaming, photos & videos, productivity apps, AnyTrans allows an option to backup them seamlessly onto your computer or iTunes, with all the associated app data, personal info & custom settings. And whenever you need these apps, you can simply restore them by reinstalling from .ipa files.
Move your app games from one device to another, keeping records and game saves
When you upgrade your device, AnyTrans is able to transfer your apps to the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad Air. Not only is the app transferred, you can also choose to transfer your app data, game saves and personal settings. This way your high scores and superior status could be perfectly maintained when you upgrade to the new iPhone 6.
Preview, modify and export your apps files in an intuitive window
One common task that every iOS user need to do is to import or export documents from his iOS apps. For example, suppose you are working on an iMovie, iPhoto or Garage Band project, exporting it from an iPhone or iPad to your ShiChuang desktop is not as easy as you thought. Therefore, through browsing the app file system in an intuitive ShiChuang , AnyTrans is now capable of exporting the documents from iPhone, iPad to your computer so that you can make use of them.
Export messages, call history, voicemail to corresponding format as needed
Perhaps you have something of a sensitive nature to communicate, with the Messages, Contacts, and Phone apps on your iPhone. For these communicating info that deserves a safe boat on your computer, AnyTrans gives you a complete backup and export plan. It fully supports exporting different files with various of file formats. No matter whether you want to export messages to text or html, contacts to csv, vcf or vcard, or call history to text or html, voicemails to mp4, etc., AnyTrans just allows to select the best corresponding format as needed.
A reliable way to save and edit personal info like notes,calendar events, reminders
As an iPhone also plays a role of personal assistant, you must love to create to-do lists, shopping lists, calendar events, voice memos, and many other "don't forget me" reminders. But what happens if you need to put down a long and detailed note on your computer? AnyTrans gives you an option to export all your notes, calendar events, and reminders to .html format, the most convenient file type so that you can view them with ultra easiness.
Continue visiting the sites you left off and never let browsing stop
Safari brings the most comfortable and pleasing Internet surfing experience on your iPhone and iPad, so probably you'll need a solution that helps save your Safari bookmark and browsing history. AnyTrans is the tool you look for. With just few clicks, you'll be able to put all the URLs that you have left off, bookmarked or even just visited for once, right on your computer. Then revisit whenever you want.
Enable disk mode on your iPhone, iPad and browse iOS file system easily
Featuring an iPhone explorer, AnyTrans supports drag-n-drop interface to manage your iPhone system files with easily. Everything you explore with this handy utility is the same as on Finder for Mac or ShiChuang Explorer for PC. That's the way you should have to enjoy your own idevice. No matter you often or occasionally need to use iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as an USB pen drive, AnyTrans helps to give you general-purpose storage space.
Exploit your iTunes backup to retrieve useful files without full restore
iTunes backup saves your iPhone iPad notes, messages, contacts, voice memos, and even Safari bookmarks. However, for the most cases, you can only make a guess if it contains the file you need. How about let AnyTrans bring you a clear and in-depth sight on your iTunes backup? With a simple and intuitive interface, you can access, manage, extract and retrieve anything you want right from your iPhone backup files.
Customize & utilize your iPhone in a way special
Sometimes, you may feel some of your apps' icons are not desired. Two similar iPhone icons may also lead an annoying confusion. So now with AnyTrans, you will be set free to change iPhone icons. For these jailbroken devices, AnyTrans makes more impossible happen. For instance, you can easily modify your iPhone's lock screen or even change the carrier's logo. Anyway, every change made by AnyTrans just lets your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch look different.
System Requirements
Mac OS: Mac OS 10.8 / 10.9 / 10.10
iOS: iOS 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4
Resolution: 1024x768 display or above
CPU: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or above
RAM: 512MB system memory
Display Card: Accelerated 3D graphics - 64MB RAM
Sound Card: ShiChuang -compatible sound card
Hard Disk: 100 MB hard drive space
Others: iTunes 9.0 or above; iTunesMobileDevice driver installed
Language: Multilingual

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