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18 мая 2018

Chronos iScrapbook 4.1.4 | MacOSX 180518

Категория: warez / SOFT

Chronos iScrapbook 4.1.4 | MacOSX 180518

Chronos iScrapbook 4.1.4 | MacOSX 180518

Chronos iScrapbook 4.1.4 | MacOSX | 320 MB
iScrapbook, the easiest way to design and print beautiful scrapbooks.
iScrapbook is a digital scrapbook tool designed for both novice and
professional scrapbookers. Its class-leading assortment of design tools
are sophisticated, yet so easy to use that everyone can achieve stunning
results. iScrapbook manages then entire scrapbook process from page
design to album organization. iScrapbook will help you get more
scrapbooking done in less time with more professional results than
traditional scrapbooking.

iScrapKit Browser manages your artwork & makes it searchable
VIew pages side-by-side to see exactly how they appear in books
Font Preview shows you font samples (list & animated modes)
Smart shapes let you customize shape attributes like # of points
Use albums to organize your scrapbook pages
Speedy album and page loading to save you time
Two-page spreads for creating dramatic layouts
Access the iScrapbook Store to acquire more iScrapKit artwork
Group multiple objects for easy moving and resizing
Slideshows share your memories (full-screen & animated)
Trim-To-Page hides objects outside the page boundaries
Paste and Match Style feature matches the style of nearby text
Hold down the space bar and drag to quickly scroll the page
Automatic backups and recovery for peace of mind
Use photo frames to add impact to your images
Use papers to establish a theme for your page
Adorn photos with traditional photo corners
Fine-tune photos: brightness, contrast, sharpness...
Access iPhoto albums & photos from the built-in photo browser
Curve text for dramatic effect or to wrap around curved objects
Spiral text to tell your story in unique way
Support for popular 8.5" x 11" and 12" x 12" scrapbook pages
Favorites Bin to store and re-use creative design elements
Adjust the transparency of text, images, and shapes
Rotate any object in real-time to any angle
Bezier paths so you can create any custom shape
Add drop shadows and control height, blur, color, opacity
Gradients (linear & circular) for sophistication and realism
Single window interface is easy to learn and use
Place objects on different layers to organize and isolate
Super-masks let you control position, size, softness...
Crop zoom lets you zoom and move images inside of the crop
Perfect Balance ensures text is balanced (both directions)
Crop photos using any shape and adjust the crop at any time
Crop photos using text for original effects.
Grid overlay/underlay is useful for aligning objects
Lock objects on the page to prevent accidental alteration
Export albums and pages in TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats
Print scrapbook pages and albums on your printer
Smart Inspector only shows context-sensitive tools
Templates let you create or benefit from re-usable designs
Placeholders let you define and customize image/text drop spots
Cover Flow shows large previews of all your iScrapKits
Auto-capitalization: upper, lower, or mixed (first letter)
Add comments to your albums & pages to remember notes
Use the perspective tool to give depth to two dimensional images
Text Bin stores common styles like heading, caption...
Use the Page Chooser to start from scratch or a template
Zoom the scrapbook page as small or large as you wish
Real-time alignment guides automatically appear
Use the built-in rulers to precisely position objects
Snap-To-Grid ensures objects are aligned
Align multiple selected objects simultaneously
Resize multiple selected objects simultaneously
Distribute multiple selected objects evenly
Tint an image with any color and control the tint intensity
Use a commercial printer to have pages delivered to your door
Calibrate your printer for perfect paper alignment
Preferred printer support for users with multiple printers
Move objects forward & backward on the page
Enter your designer info once for all pages you create
Built-in spelling and grammar checker for word perfect results
Advanced typography: kerning, line spacing, more...
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Buy a premium to download file with fast speed
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