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13 июля 2018

Serif DrawPlus X8 180713

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Serif DrawPlus X8 180713

Serif DrawPlus X8 180713

Serif DrawPlus X8 | 497.33 MB
Create amazing logos, drawings and designs, paintings and sketches to make you, your business, club or charity stand-out above everyone else. Its so easy to get started right away with the helpful start-up assistant, informative tutorials and the ability to import your existing designs. Enjoy all this, and so much more in DrawPlus X8.

New Features
Defining the lines
Enjoy a new way of drawing lines onto your digital canvas using B-Splines, one of our most requested new features. Its quicker, easier and more natural than ever before. Simply click each point and manipulate the curves to create your perfect drawings.
DrawPlus X8 provides greater line accuracy too. A new hairline option gives you all the precision you need when working with intricate designs and lines. Hairlines allow you to output the thinnest possible line width, perfect for special printing cases, such as producing artwork for cutters.
Making shapes from your lines is so easy too, as they simply lock together as if by magic! You will have complete control, and be able to create the most unique and fantastic designs using these intuitive line tools.
Shaping your creativity
Quickshapes are so easy to create, and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as stand-out logos and designs for you or your business. Duplicate, rotate and space any shape or design with just one click using the new Replicate Tool, and make drawings with multiple images so quickly and easily, which is perfect for posters, flyers, greeting cards and so much more.
Resizing multiple objects is now even more intuitive with the Smart Sizing feature that allows you to manipulate the size of the objects, without losing their original position. This is a fantastic tool to use when making charts, flowcharts and diagrams, so objects can be resized without disrupting the overall layout, creating a lot less work for you in the long run.
When designing logos, you can take advantage of the improved contours feature to create a stunning offset effect, making your companys logo stand out above the competition.
Draw it, fill it
Filling in shapes, and even incomplete shapes with any colour has never been easier with the new Flood Fill tool. With just a few simple clicks you can accurately fill an object or collection of lines without any complicated processes. Its perfect for filling in auto-traced pictures, such as black and white sketches that would usually take a lot of time and effort to fill in accurately.
Stunning Pattern Fills
Ever dreamt of filling shapes with your own custom patterns made from any design or drawing? Well now you can with DrawPlus X8s intuitive Vector Pattern Fills! Easily add preset fills, hatching or your own custom pattern fills. Perfect for sketches or technical drawings such as maps.
Easily import and export
DrawPlus X8 gives you the most professional output, now including CMYK effects and new native EPS export. There are so many options to choose from too; with colour space control, transparency details and options to output text as curves or to embed fonts. And do not worry, PDF import is only a few clicks away, making sure all of your important documents can be opened in one place
Paint like a Pro
Painting and sketching has been enhanced further in DrawPlus X8 with a new set of brushes available at your creative fingertips. Enjoy new charcoal, pen and sponge brush effects, which are great for blurring, smudging, or sharpening, healing or erasing elements of your design to produce the perfect digital artwork.
Slideshows that make an impact
Creating a stand out presentation or slideshow that will impress has never been easier. Make an impact using the new Rostrum Slide Show feature that allows you to add simple but stunning effects, such as pan and zoom to make smooth transitions between each section and then export as a movie or flash file to share with others.
Create the perfect picture
Visually stunning photo art is so easy to create in DrawPlus X8 with photo effects like no other drawing software. The powerful PhotoLab has more creative possibilities than ever before, including the new Clone tool plus Vibrancy, Split Tone and Clarity filters allowing you to further enhance your photos and create breathtaking imagery.
Adding the finishing touches to your artwork is now easier as you have finer control over settings when converting your drawings to a picture and apply a full range of image effects to your designs to take your digital art even further.
System Requirements
Minimum system requirements
Windows-based PC with DVD drive and mouse
Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP SP3 (32 bit) operating system
512MB RAM (Windows XP), 1GB RAM (Windows Vista and 32-bit Windows 7 and Cool or 2GB RAM (For 64-bit Windows 7 and Cool
665MB free hard disk space, 1GB free hard disk space for download install (additional space required during installation)
Resolution of 1024 x 768 (at 100% scaling)
Optional requirements
Windows-compatible printer.
TWAIN compatible scanner and/or digital camera
Pressure-sensitive pen tablet
Internet account and connection required for accessing online resources
Install Notes:
1. Unpack and install it.
- Included retail installer is the EN - US version.
2. Generate your registration data and use it during install.
3. Enjoy!

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