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17 июля 2018

ACDSee Video Studio

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ACDSee Video Studio
ACDSee Video Studio (x64) | 141 Mb

With a simple, easy-to-master interface, powerful 64-bit performance, and high res results, ACDSee Video Studio 3 provides value-based video editing without the learning curve. Now featuring higher quality screen recording, support for still images, 3x faster recording save times, 4K rendering, a variety of creative filters, audio effects, flexible tracks that you can layer and blend, and much more, ACDSee Video Studio 3 is versatile content creation in one lean package.

Face Value
With webcam recording and screen recording paired, you can create vlogs with a personal touch, develop educational content while communicating with your students, capture yourself during gameplay, construct reaction videos, and much more.
Editing Freedom
Gather your media, then move, align, split, cut, copy, and paste video, audio, images, and captions on the Timeline. Zoom in for precision editing, lock tracks to avoid accidental changes, or hide them to reduce distractions, and select specific segments for production.
Capture and Create
Record your screen, with or without system audio and voice recording, in widescreen or custom dimensions. Pause and resume as needed, and customize your recording hotkeys for quick, effortless movie-making.
Dynamic Display
Preview your evolving video in a resizable Display Area. Move your content around, change its size, set it to fit automatically. Customize the Display Area background color, position, and dimensions.
Give it Zazz
Drag and drop filters onto photos and videos and transform the mundane into something extraordinary. Turn color media black and white, add vibrance to color, correct exposure, add effects, blur sensitive information, sharpen, add vignettes, and much more. Pair filters with blend modes and opacity to add a splash of mystery, mood, or otherworldliness without having to go through a long list of complex steps.
Audio Advantage
Separate audio and video in one click. Quickly fade volume in and out at the beginning and end of clips with audio effects. Or add audio points to raise and lower volume at unique, precise intervals of your choosing.
Vivid Video
Stay competitive with high resolution recording and rendering in 4K.
Tractable Transitions
Create smooth scene and topic changes by adding transitions between, before, or after video files. Simply drag and drop where you want them to go and customize their duration by dragging.
Adaptable Output Options
Customize your audio and video parameters, such as frame size, bitrate, codec, and more. Enjoy hardware acceleration with encoding engine support for Intel Quick Sync and Nvidia.
Fresh Start
Enjoy a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.
New multiple media-independent tracks, add any media to any track.
Brand new image support for creating video slideshows.
Flexible and customizable Display Area.
Filters to change the appearance of images and videos.
Rotation of images and videos with opacity adjustment.
4k screen recording and output production.
Blend modes to smoothly layer images and videos.
Ability to export project as zip.
Support for stacking multiple filters on images and videos.
Customizable Display Area resolution.
Ability to preview each frame of videos (previous frame and next frame).
High DPI support for latest Windows operating system.
Faster video production and screen capture with new hardware acceleration engine.
Raised video output bitrates.
Improved drag and drop experience, added ability to drag media directly from File Explorer to Timeline.
Smartphone videos show up in correct orientation.
Fixed Microsoft LifeCam webcam detection problems.
Supported file formats
Video Studio 3.0 file format read support list:
Video formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV, TS, MTS, M2TS, ASF, M4V, MPG, MPEG
Audio formats: WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV, AC3, OGG, M4A
Image formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG
Video Studio 3.0 file format produce/encode list:
MP4, MOV, MP3, M4V, WebM
Known Issues
AIFF, FLAC, Microsoft GSM, and MKV formats not supported.
GeForce 840M and certain other processor chips do not have hardware encoder, and, therefore, will not support hardware acceleration.
AVI encoding is not supported.
Caption font type, alignment, background color, text color, and opacity will not be remembered when loading a Video Studio 2.0 project file in Video Studio 3.0.
1000 file maximum for drag and drop into Media Bin and Timeline.
Applying a vignette filter on top of any other filter will cause media display to be split with horizontal and vertical lines.
The audio pattern waveform slightly off for audio at certain zoom levels.
Output bitrate may not be exact when Intel QSV hardware acceleration is selected.
Video playback may lag or become out of sync with audio if multiple video tracks are stacked vertically.
- Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 (64-bit editions only)
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+
- Microsoft DirectX 10 or higher
- Microsoft .Net 4.0 or later version (included)




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