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CAMWorks 2017 SP1.1 190107

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CAMWorks 2017 SP1.1 190107

CAMWorks 2017 SP1.1 190107

CAMWorks 2017 SP1.1 | 2.0 Gb

Geometric has released CAMWorks 2017 SP1.1 with significant additions to the software focusing on customer needs and worldwide manufacturing initiatives, such as Smart Manufacturing and Industrie 4.0. The new capabilities in CAMWorks 2017 are a result of more than 60 customer-driven enhancements.

Some of the most significant enhancements to CAMWorks 2017 include:

Tolerance Based Machining (TBM) - Uses tolerances and non-geometric data in a 3D CAD model to select optimal machining strategies and create toolpaths automatically. CAMWorks unique TBM capability leverages SOLIDWORKS MBD and DimXpert information to read annotations from a SOLIDWORKS 3D model and use the annotations to, automatically selects the tools, feed and speed required to develop optimal toolpaths. TBM can increase productivity by as much as 70% or more over traditional CNC programming methods while providing the ability to capture and re-use best practices. It also improves quality by automatically selecting the best machining strategy to meet the required quality requirements.

CAMWorks High Speed Machining, VoluMill Milling Advisor - Provides recommended feed and speed parameters to maximize the performance of VoluMill high-speed machining.

Chuck and Fixture Definition - Provides the ability to use chucks and fixtures designed using SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies or STL files for toolpath simulation and collision detection in Mill-Turn and Turning. The chucks and fixtures can be moved or rotated in x, y, and z directions with respect to the Fixture Coordinate System (FCS) of the current part, ensuring that the chuck or fixture is properly aligned with the current part. SOLIDWORKS configurations of the chucks and fixtures are also supported.

3D Interconnect in SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks Solids - Provides a continuous path of associativity from 3D model changes in all leading 3D CAD formats through automatic updating of toolpaths that dramatically speeds up re-programming as parts change.

SOLIDWORKS Integration - Tighter integration with SOLIDWORKS ensures that the design and manufacturing models are one and the same. SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks are fully associative in all aspects including API Automation with SOLIDWORKS partner products such as DriveWorks, Configurations, MBD, and DimXpert annotations, meaning that any change made to a 3D model in SOLIDWORKS on the design side will automatically be reflected in CAMWorks on the manufacturing side. With this strong connection, machining strategies in CAMWorks are based on annotations from the MBD data provided by DimXpert in SOLIDWORKS. 3D Interconnect in SOLIDWORKS provides associativity to all major CAD formats, from geometry level changes through toolpath generation, dramatically reducing CNC re-programming efforts.

CAMWorks 2017 SP1.1 Resolved CPR's:

CW-72287 The default parameter "Convert to 5 Axis" for curve project operation is enabled in the standard TechDB. This parameter should be disabled by default as it affects the users who do not have 5 Axis license.
CW-71862 For the Contour Mill operation on the specific Mill part, the toolpath is not generated when the Rest machining method is set to 'Previous tool' and the cutting diameter of the active tool is less than 2.1 mm.
CW-71826 CAMWorks takes more time to open turn operation parameter dialog when a User Defined Tool or Holder is used in the operation.
CW-71812 The usage of "Insert Operation API" would cause CAMWorks to crash.
CW-70173 In Turn Roughing toolpaths on Sub spindle with Canned Cycle options set to True, the value of arcs in the associated feature are incorrectly output up on posting.

CAMWorks 2017 SP1.1

About Geometric Technologies Inc.

A specialist in the domain of engineering solutions, services and technologies. Its portfolio of Global Engineering services, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, Embedded System solutions, and Digital Technology solutions enables companies to formulate, implement, and execute global engineering and manufacturing strategies aimed at achieving greater efficiencies in the product realization lifecycle.

Product: CAMWorks
Version: 2017 SP1.1 build 2017/0509 (09-May-2017)
Supported Architectures: 64bit
Website Home Page : www.camworks.com
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even SP1 / 8.x / 10
Software Prerequisites: SolidWorks Version 2016-2017
Size: 2.0 Gb

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