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16 апреля 2019

HeliconSoft Helicon Focus Pro 6.3.0 (x64) 190415

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HeliconSoft Helicon Focus Pro 6.3.0 (x64) 190415

HeliconSoft Helicon Focus Pro 6.3.0 (x64) 190415

HeliconSoft Helicon Focus Pro 6.3.0 (x64) | 91.44 MB
Helicon Focus and Focus Stacking - The digital revolution of the last few years made professional photo hardware widely available and affordable. Now it's the advanced technology that makes the difference. Plain single shots are bit by bit giving place to improved and more sophisticated technologies like HDR and EDoF.

Image quality that impresses
- Processing of images with 16 bit precision preserves all the hues and details, exceeding dynamic range of camera sensors. Color profiles support enables accurate color reproduction and correct keeping of color information in the output file.
- Handling RAW files have never been easier! Open RAW files in Helicon Focus or export them from Lightroom. Fully adjustable development controls, built-in and manufacturer's codecs will satisfy even the most demanding user.
- Helicon Focus became a de facto standard in focus stacking. Elaborate computing algorithms are standing behind each processed stack. Unique team of R&D engineers and software developers is constantly on the forefront of innovations and is always inspired to attempt the impossible.
- Helicon Focus uses the most advanced resampling algorithms to preserve every detail.
Maximum performance
- Helicon Focus keeps pace with all modern advances, exploiting the capacity of the last-gen processors to the utmost. The software utilizes all cores for image processing, allowing to cut down the rendering time.
- Even long stacks of hundreds of high-resolution images are not a problem for Helicon Focus. With this software even a usual laptop in the field will be able to handle huge stacks of RAW files.
- Got a top notch work station? Helicon Focus will use 100% of its memory and processor power!
- Helicon Focus automatically detects the processor type and all available features of modern processors. All the data manipulations are managed with modern processor instructions (SSE, SSE2, AVX, FMA3).
Perfectionist's dream coming true
- With this feature of Helicon Focus you can process RAW files in native color space and save result as DNG file.
- With Helicon Focus you get truly unique retouching brushes just at your fingertips. Once the stacking's over, finish the result with retouching tools that no usual image editor has. No trivial solutions - only focus stacking specials. Copy areas from aligned source images or combine areas from several outputs - with Helicon Focus you get enhanced retouching capacity with streamlined interface.
- If you are the one who likes everything to look perfect, use a special grid to do the fine and precise retouching of the 100% scale high-resolution image. Go cell by cell not to miss a thing.
- Make everyone understand how small the subject you shot is - add a scale bar to the resulting image.
Professional workflow tools
- Give an unlimited number of tasks to Helicon Focus at once, and leave it to deal with all of them. Shoot as many stacks as you wish, open the whole folder for Helicon Focus to split it into stacks and put them in queue for further rendering.
- Streamline your workflow by calling Helicon Focus from other applications. Pass the parameters via command line and let the software do the job.
- Don't change your usual image processing environment - export stacks to Helicon Focus right from Lightroom. Helicon Focus plug-in enables seamless interaction between the two programs, making your usual workflow perfectly optimized.
- Tightly integrated with Helicon Focus, this software will take you to the next level of stack shooting technology. Tethered photography with Helicon Remote is progressive and sophisticated, allowing you to capture images remotely, to manage the shooting process from your computer or even telephone. It will help you to make a perfect stack, the rest is up to Helicon Focus.
- Export the stacking result to Helicon 3d Viewer, and advanced computing algorithms will exactly reconstruct the natural 3D view of the shot subject. Easy to add on the Web and share with colleagues and community, 3D visualization gives a completely realistic view. Adjust the relief type and the viewpoint, add light source and save the 3D model rotation video in a fraction of a minute.
- Shoot several images with your microscope or DSLR and Helicon Focus will seamlessly stitch them into a perfectly merged panorama image. Adjust the main controls and this software will align the images and match the pattern automatically.
What's new in Helicon Focus Pro 6.3.0:
- RAW-in-DNG-out mode, which allows to process RAW files in native color space and save result as DNG file
- Many stability and performance fixes

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