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3 апреля 2022

Libra Rising Stacy M WRay

Категория: warez / e-book

Libra Rising Stacy M WRay

Libra Rising Stacy M Wray
epub | 341.93 KB | English | Isbn:? B08J59PBJ4 | Author: Stacy M Wray | Year: 2020


An Aries is fire. A Libra is air. Opposites, yet, fire needs air to burn - an instant connection. If they can survive the bumps and hurdles, their bonds cannot be broken. It's for life. Seventeen-year-old Reed Faulkner and fifteen-year-old Harper James couldn't be more different. He's a ne'er-do-well rebel with a criminal past; she's enigmatic, with a light that shines from within. Yet, from the moment the two meet, their chemistry burns hotter than the stars. The combination of Harper's sweet innocence and steadfast determination to better her life get under Reed's skin, finding he isn't able to stay away from the magnetism of her essence. Until he has to push her away – for good. Reed is determined not to dim Harper's light. He knows she deserves better than the life he's destined to lead. She's going off to college. He's going to. jail. Arrested for a crime of passion, he won't allow himself to drag her into the dark depths of his chaotic world. Reed does the one thing which breaks them both – he disappears from her life without a trace. Or, at least, he tries to. It seems the universe has other plans. Fate continues to bring them together, just to tear them apart. Is their love destined. having been written in the stars? Or, will it suffocate them both before turning them to ash? There will never be another Reed Faulkner. And I don't want there to be.

Category:New Adult & College Romance, New Adult & College Romance, Contemporary Romance

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