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My Enemy is Back Spilling Smal - Alice May Ball

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My Enemy is Back  Spilling Smal - Alice May Ball

epub | 157.71 KB | English | Isbn:? B095SMLM9J | Author: Alice May Ball | Year: 2022


So he's back.
While he was gone, I became a cop. And now he's an outlaw biker.
We were everything to each other when we were young, running wild and free in the forest. His gramma tried to warn him off me. My daddy told me, 'stay away from that boy.' But back then, nothing would keep us apart.
Now only tragedy can force us together.

He's a smoldering hunk of pent-up rage. The tang of testosterone and ripe, male sweat is heady and stifling. But I can't forget that this scarred, brooding biker is the man who broke my life. The man who abandoned me and ghosted me that summer morning.

I've changed, too. My cop uniform hardly covers the filthiest reputation in this small town.

But however much hate scorches the air between us, I'm still fighting the irresistible force of attraction that pulls me to him.
Has he come back to destroy me all over again? Will he spill what's left of my dirty secrets all over town?

Or has he come to take what should have been his, that day in the cabin?
This story is fast and hard and hot and sweet and gooey and choc full of cascades of sudden-burst feels. Lots of fire and friction, and a melt-on-your-tongue HEA. Keep ice cream, tissues and plenty of fluids handy. Please read responsibly.

Category:Suspense Action Fiction, Crime Action Fiction, Crime Action & Adventure

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