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  • Дата: 25 июля 2021
25 июля 2021

Heavy Water - Red Brick City (2021) Mp3 / Flac / Hi-Res

Категория: warez / Музыка

Heavy Water - Red Brick City (2021) Mp3 / Flac / Hi-Res

Mp3 CBR 320 kbps / Flac (tracks) / 24bit-48kHz FLAC (tracks) | Rock, Hard Rock | 34:08 | 80 / 232 / 432 Mb

Silver Lining Music release the first project by Saxon's Biff Byford and son Seb Byford of Naked Six.

On July 23rd 2021, there's going to be a new rock 'n' roll sheriff in town, and as their name suggests, Heavy Water aren't for the light-hearted. Soaked in gritty, riff-baked blues, yet rich with the sound and meter of classic hard rock, Red Brick City's ten songs refuses to let you go. From the taut, elastic swing of the 'Solution' riff to the rich, layered balladic strains of 'Tree in the Wind', Red Brick City moves with the class and cadence of a cracking journey uniting vintage rock 'n' roll sensibilities with the crackle and excitement of a fresh, youthful perspective.

With Seb on guitar and Biff on bass duties and both providing their vocal talents the foundations for Heavy Water's sound are set in both that incredible father/son chemistry and a life of know-how and experiences. Take the title track -and first single- 'Red Brick City', all steam and smoulder wrapped around a riff Soundgarden would've been proud of, and then there's the sun-soaked smile of 'Follow This Moment' with harmonies evoking the Beach Boys relayed through Led Zeppelin, a gorgeous '70's trip right down to the fade out.

Produced by Seb Byford and Biff Byford, with Jacky Lehmann mixing and mastering, Red Brick City is a rich, lustrous ride through profoundly rewarding rock waters.

1. Heavy Water - Solution

2. Heavy Water - Turn to Black

3. Heavy Water - Red Brick City

4. Heavy Water - Tree in the Wind

5. Heavy Water - Revolution

6. Heavy Water - Personal Issue No. 1

7. Heavy Water - Medicine Man

8. Heavy Water - Follow This Moment

9. Heavy Water - Now I'm Home

10. Heavy Water - Faith



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