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15 июня 2021

Outlook Attachment Extractor 3.10.11

Категория: warez / SOFT

Outlook Attachment Extractor 3.10.11
File size: 10 MB

Outlook Attachment Extractor is a useful tool for Outlook to save attachments from incoming emails automatically.

Among other things, powerful filters, individually definable storage folders and the possibility of subsequent processing are available. The location where Outlook Attachment Extractor stores the files contained as email attachment can be composed dynamically from individual properties of the email.

Extract email attachments automatically from Outlook

Delete extracted attachments from emails (replace them with a link)

Monitor an unlimited number of Outlook folders

Create custom profiles for different tasks

Filter by subject, sender, attachment file name ...

Store attachments from emails of a specific period in retrospect

Save email attachments to folders that are created dynamically from properties of the email

Perform subsequent actions such as move the processed email or start a program with parameters

Extract attachments with certain criteria from all email messages in a folder



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